Today’s mood: Sia – Elastic Heart Weather’s changing. Mood’s changing. I wonder… do I have an elastic heart because I trust no one, or I trust no one because I have an elastic heart?

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Today’s mood: Bullet For My Valentine – All These Things I Hate Don’t you feel like falling off a cliff sometimes? And you just want someone to be down to catch you… but all you see is dark. That’s the darkness of your soul.

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Today’s mood: Diane Birch – Rewind It’s days like these when you just can’t slip away. I think this is how life looks like.

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Zulufi de coniac

Zulufii tai plini de scantei Se pierd printre zulufii mei Pe buze moi cad buze sparte Ce acum sunt doar buze moarte Iar ochii tai de-un vid satanic Devin acum un ros’ vulcanic Si toamna ta devine muta In iarna verii cea mai bruta Iar bratele tale secate Devin acum brate uitate   Acum in mainile […]

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